Are you looking for cheats for Grand Theft Auto 5 Ps4 or you are finding it difficult to play?

Here I will show you a series of cheats of Grand Theft Auto 5 of PlayStation 4 and that will undoubtedly make the game much easier.

Fly in campaign mode:

There is a trick for the campaign mode via mobile, if during the game we go to the mobile and dial the number “19997593255”

For this we must open the mobile, go to contacts and then dial number, once entered the number we call, as long as we are out of a vehicle,

ll put us to call that number activated trick below to the left of the screen, once activated we will be for a few seconds the black screen and appear in the air as if we would have dropped by parachute.

But with the difference this time that we are flying and not falling, a very funny trick to explore the whole city as if we were Superman.

Unlock the Kraken Submarine:

To unlock the Kraken submarine you have to complete the photography mission, to do this, take pictures of the 20 types of animals that exist throughout the Grand Theft Auto V. The Kraken submarine is exclusive to the GTA 5 version for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Trick to become any animal:

This option to control animals is only found in GTA 5 for new generation. Now we can become the animal that we want in Grand theft Auto 5, have put new collectibles distributed throughout the map, are 27 peyote plants.with which you can suffer hallucinations with your characters every time you eat one.

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These hallucinations turn us into any animal of GTA 5, we can be a seagull, fly out and shit on people’s heads, we can be a deer, a puma and we can talk to people, a chicken, etc. You can become any animal that is available in GTA 5 for new generation and use the skills of each animal, but for this we must find.the peyotes.

Health and Armor to the Maximum:

GTA 5 trick of weapons and health. With this code you can increase your armor and health to the maximum.

Ps4 circlePs4 L1Ps4 anglePs4 R2Ps4 xPs4 blockPs4 circlePs4 forwardPs4 blockPs4 L1Ps4 L1Ps4 L1


This trick of invincibility lasts 5 minutes and is not valid for vehicles, only for Trevor, Michael and Franklig.

Ps4 forwardPs4 xPs4 forwardPs4 backwardPs4 forwardPs4 R1Ps4 forwardPs4 backwardPs4 xPs4 angle

Cheat Run Faster:

Ps4 anglePs4 backwardPs4 forwardPs4 forwardPs4 R2Ps4 L1Ps4 block

Explosive Punching:

Ps4 forwardPs4 backwardPs4 xPs4 anglePs4 R1Ps4 circlePs4 circlePs4 circlePs4 R2

Explosive Bullets:

Ps4 forwardPs4 blockPs4 xPs4 backwardPs4 R1Ps4 R2Ps4 backwardPs4 forwardPs4 forwardPs4 L1Ps4 L1Ps4 L1

Tip to go to Slow Motion (repeat to rotate between the 4 speeds):

There are 4 different speeds of slow motion in GTA 5, to rotate between 5 speeds, we justhave to enter the code again.

Ps4 anglePs4 backwardPs4 forwardPs4 forwardPs4 blockPs4 R2Ps4 R1

Cheat to swim Faster:

Ps4 backwardPs4 backwardPs4 L1Ps4 forwardPs4 forwardPs4 R2Ps4 backwardPs4 R2Ps4 forward

Ability to Reload:

Ps4 xPs4 xPs4 blockPs4 R1

Easy way to get money in the bag:

Before starting the mission “The murder of the hotel”, he invests all the money each character has in BetaPharmaceuticals in the stock market called BAWSAQ.

Once you have completed the mission check the actions and you will see that you have achieved a lot of pasta with each character, now sell them.

Pilot an F-117 Antiradar Aircraft:

It is a really difficult trick, first we must use the invincibility trick which I have already shown you above, so that they do not kill us then go to the military base where the fighters are, they will start attacking us as if there were no tomorrow, well we will kill as many as we can, military tankes all.

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it’s a matter of time before an F-117 will appear at the base to bombard us, how difficult it will be to shoot the pilot with the franc when it flies low so as not to destroy the f-117, and once we kill the pilot we can go up and fly it.

but the Plane is not indestructible so be careful when taking off or you will be shot down, as you surely suffered damage when falling, trying to kill the pilot when the plane is lower.

Hope you enjoyed it, have fun…..

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