Ghostwriter !!! It may sound strange to you,that is if you have never heard of it before,just bear it in mind that it’s a means of making money online.

If you don’t know who a ghostwriter is, not too worry,after reading this article you will have to know.

I will also tell you how you can make money online by being a ghostwriter.

  • Who is a ghostwriter ?
  • How to Sign up/Apply
  • Qualities Needed / Things to Consider.
  • Expected Earnings.

Who is a Ghostwriter

In simple terms, a Ghostwriter is a hired person who writes for other people.Whereby the person the ghostwriter writes for is officially credited as the author.

Most of the busy bloggers, authors, publishers hire ghostwriters for completing their writing work.

A ghostwriters name never appears as the author of the post or article,because the ghostwriter is not the owner of the article.

Most jobs as a ghostwriter will include writing books, eBooks, blog posts, articles and press releases.

Qualities Needed / Things to Consider

There are some things you need to consider before you become a ghostwriter in order for things to go smoothly for you.

  1. Have something upstairs(intelligent) to offer.
  2. Best suits people that have passion for writing.
  3. Ability to write on your own.
  4. Ability to get into the minds of clients, understand their needs and convert their story into writing.
  5. Necessary to have have coordination 
  6. It is necessary to pay good attention and concentrate.

How To Sign up / Apply

There are many platforms out there, where you can sign up / apply and get started,but I took time to list 5 websites / platforms ,which I recommend you to give a try.

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Note :

The sites I listed below are with their sites URL,which is clickable in case you would want to visit the sites.


It’s very easy to sign up or apply,once you visit any the websites, fill up the necessary forms that comes up and follow the procedures.

 Expected Earnings 

There are no fixed earnings here, It all depends on how good and well experienced you are.

I just estimated that At an entry level, you can expect to earn $12-$25 per hour. Once you reach an intermediate level you can expect to earn $35-$50 per hour.

Good luck…..


Hey !!! If you have read this blog post and still have questions or still needs further assistance, hit the comment box below…

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