Hey Guys!!!  Have you ever heard of 2captcha,and you really want to make money online?

2captcha is a means of earning money online ,even while you are at home or at work.

After reading this article I will have to explain the following:

  • What is 2captcha
  • Registration in 2captcha
  • How 2captcha works 
  • Referral System in 2captcha
  • Payment Methods

What is 2captcha

2Captcha is a captcha code generator, which will aim to optimize the flow of different web pages by compiling on a platform.

Let’s say that 2Captcha is the compiler and the execution of the codes, are the means with which they are compiling and in this way to be able to achieve the objective that the bot isusually responsible for executing .

The advantage of using this platform is that it does not require any experience, only have a computer, a good Internet connection and have access to the platform.

This is a simple job that anyone can do from their home and even in their spare time from work.

captcha are kind of codes, which always appear at the time of logging into a page or when you try to download something from the internet, etc.E.g below.

Registration in 2captcha

Registration in 2captcha is very easy,in as much as being able to go to the main platform>>> here,

and click on <Quick start > a registration form will appear, which we must fill out.

You will have to enter your personal data such as email, the contracted and the execution of two captchas, once this is resolved we go to our email tray and activate our account.

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Once the activation is confirmedthen be ready to start working filling codes on the internet.

Fill in the forms and at the end of the information, we must choose 3 options from the last form.

The option to choose on our part is “Im Worker” which is equal to “Worker” the other options are extras and we are interested in

How 2captcha Works

At the beginning, for the first time, you will be able to appreciate a training session that will help you verify the operation of the platform and since the platform is not active, it is in “Sleep” mode, so you must press the “Star” button and So start working.

Once started, you have the possibility to solve the captchas. In this platform there are 3 types of captchas, the first is a normal mode, which consists of placing letters and numbers on the screen.

The second is normal + ReCaptcha, which is a combination of normal captcha with Google and the third is based on Only Captcha, which are the captchas of Google.

Other functions within the execution of the platform such as:

  • Start – Stop:Used to start or stop work in this way, our progress status will remain intact without making changes of any kind.
  • Sound On: This function activates or deactivates the sound.
  • It’s not a captcha: This function should be checked when for some reason our captcha is not seen completely or does not finish loading.

Referral System in 2captcha

2Captcha has a referral system, which is highly profitable for you, since for each referral you obtain through your incitement link you will be acquiring 10% of the amount of profit obtained by your referral filling captchas.

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If you want to locate your link, go to the section of “Dashborad” you can find the option that says “Affiliate program“, copy the link, and you will get your referrals.

Payment Method

This system does not have Paypal as a form of payment, but there are several ways to collect your earnings, as you have available. WebMoney, Payza, Bitcoin, AvdCash, Uphlod and Coinbase.

The minimum payout is $1 💵  and it takes a 3-5 days execution period.

Please if you have any questions hit the comment box below 👇👇👇👇

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