Are you a social kind of person, or you have lots of friends?Do you want to make money online?Cashgranted is a legit way to make money online.

Most people are still asking if this cashgranted platform pays or not.

Due to the rate of online scams everywhere,people are now contemplating if they should sign up for cash granted or not

In this post I will have to answer the following questions:


  • What is cashgranted? 
  • How to Sign up for Cash Granted
  • Things to consider before signing up for cashgranted.
  • How cash granted works.
  • How does cash granted earn the money they give out.
  • Will you pay before signing up for cash granted

What is CashGranted?

Cash granted is a free online advert platform that grants fund to a certain amount of people every week.

Cash granted is a platform that gives out or grants the sum of #20,000 to #70,000.

They grant this money to 1,000 people every week, in as much as you performed the task you are been asked to.

How to Sign up for CashGranted

Signing up for cash granted is as easy as you can ever imagine.

All you need is to visit their site here

Fill up the forms with your correct details as you are asked to do.

Things to consider before signing up for CashGranted

  • Have an active email address /account
  • You must have an active bank account, because it’s were your fund will be paid in.
  • Active Phone Number
  • Most important, enough family and friends /Relatives to recommend your fund.
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How Cashgranted Works

After you must have signed up with cash granted,

You now need to request for an amount of money that you will be funded, in the range of #20,000#70,000.

Ask your relatives,family and friends to recommend your fund for the request  you have made.

Finally on the Saturday of the week you requested for the fund.

If your fund request is among the 1,000 most recommended of that week.

Then the amount you requested will be transferred directly to your Bank Account.

How does Cashgranted earn the money they give out

This is a question most people are eager to know the answer and here it is:

Cash Granted generates revenue by displaying adverts to you and your relatives,family & friends when they spend time on their website,

It is from the revenue generated by those advert,that they provide funds to those that request for funds.

Will you pay before signing up for cashgranted ?

As you have read so far, I don’t think I mentioned anything like paying any money before signing up or before receiving your fund.

So the answer to the question is No…. It is totally free.

It all depends on how many friends you have and how social you are.


I think this is one of the best way to make money online for free without any stress / cost.

If you have any questions please hit the comment box 👇👇👇

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