Have you ever heard of fiverr?Are you looking for a way to make money online? Do you know you can make money online with fiverr?

I know you might have heard about fiverr ,but if at all you haven’t,

Not too worry, In this post I will have to explain what fiverr is, and how you can make money online with it.

After reading this article I will have to answer these questions:

  • What is Fiverr ?
  • How does fiverr work ?
  • How much is required ?
  • Earning money on Fiverr
  • Things to Consider on Fiverr

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an American and international platform on which you can sell small online services. You post a service that you are willing to offer for $ 5

You can buy  or sell all kinds of services or Gigs for $ 5 Dollars.

It allows you to send your job offers and learn to do anything for which  people are willing to pay.

There are different categories of services such as: programming,social marketing and graphics,there are also categories of funny and rare things or suggestions and tips.

It offers you opportunities to do anything and everything you can think of, there are always customers for you to earn money from your offers.

How Does Fiverr Works?

It’s  concept is simply to connect sellers and buyers of odd jobs and services. All of It’s  basic services cost $ 5, but it is not unusual for buyers to buy extra gigs.

All services are offered as “gigs” and you will find all kinds of creative and crazy gigs from sellers all over the world.

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As a new member of Fiverr, you will be promoted to Level 1 seller when you have been active for 30 days and have validated 10 gigs. Once you have climbed the ladder, you will be able to charge a higher base price of gig.

There is no high limit for your income as it depends – more or less – on 2 things:

  1. Does anyone ask for your service?
  2. What effort are you willing to make?

How Much is Required 

It requires  nothing to register on Fiverr.com, but they take 20% of your winnings

This means that when you sell a $ 5 gig, Fiverr will take $ 1 and you will have $ 4 on your account.

You can then use your service to purchase services from other members.

Earning Money on Fiverr

If you want to start earning money on this platform ,it is a very easy procedure, if only you follow these procedures below: 👇👇👇👇

  • Find out which gig to propose
  • Register on Fiverr.com
  • Describe your service in either a publication, a video or both
  • Start making money

While you find the right service to offer, you may want to check out what other sellers do and write to be successful.

It allows you to sort gigs between “most popular” and “best sellers” and this should give some indication of the type of services that are requested.

Things to Consider on Fiverr

1.Use the Right photo for your gig:

While browsing the different gigs,you will quickly notice that some gigs have profile pictures better than yours.

Choose a photo that stands out and you should look at some profiles that are doing well overall.

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2.Write a good description of your gig:

Like when you choose a profile photo and get inspiration from others, so are the descriptions. By browsing through different profile pictures and gig descriptions on Fiverr.

It becomes pretty obvious that some sellers are not taking their business very seriously – do not make the same mistake.

3.Use the Right Tags / Keywords:

It’s very important that you use the right Tags and Keywords for your gig to make sure your gig has the highest ranking when buyers are looking for specific service providers.

4.Make a Promotional Video:

You have the opportunity to add a video to promote your gig creatively and that makes gig vote special. Using a video will probably increase your rank and number of orders.

For example, you can use Video Maker FX to make attractive videos for your gig. The fact is that potential buyers often sympathize more with buyers with a small promotional video.


  • You can withdraw your income from your bank account using Paypal whenever you want.Paypal also takes little percentage for the transactions.
  • you will really want to learn from successful people, but do not copy or steal their description because you would be banned or worse.


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