Do you have an extra knowledge on any course? Do you know you can make money online by being an online tutor ?

Are you good in teaching or impacting on others,why not be an online tutor and make some dollars.

After reading this article I will have to explain who an online tutor is and where you can sign up and make money.

  • Who is an online tutor ?
  • Things to Consider.
  • Where to Sign up. 
  • Expected Earnings.

Who is an Online Tutor

An online tutor teaches people within a virtual environment online and separates the student and teacher.

Or, simply a person that teaches online.

This kind of approach to teaching is done using many different methodologies, ways and means and allows a tutor to teach a subject without any face-to-face interaction.

Due to the growth of busy lifestyle,therefore many people nowadays prefer the convenience of online coaching.

The growth of technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic,therefore the demand of online tutors is now high.

Things to Consider

  • Suitable for people who love to teach and have a gift of impacting knowledge.
  • Specialize in any particular subject you wish to teach such as maths, science, computer programming and so on.
  • A college degree or at least two years of completed study in the subject you wish to teach.
  • Have at least a little experience in teaching,for you to be able to cope.
  • Be fluent in English, so that you can communicate well with your student.
  • Have a little internet experience ,because its an online service.
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How to Sign Up

There are many platforms where you can sign up as an online tutor,but I took time to make researches and recommend just five of them for you.

Signing up as an online tutor is free and fast,its left for you to follow up the procedures and sign up.

The platforms I listed below are with links to their websites and it’s clickable, in case you would want to visit immediately.

The platforms/websites are as follows :

Expected Earnings

As an online tutor you should be expecting You will earn from $9 to $30 per hour depending on your reputation and experience.

If you are a certified teacher with expertise in subjects such as advanced maths, science, statistics and computer programming, you can charge more than $55 per hour.

There is no fixed earnings in being an online tutor,it all depends on what you offer and how experienced you are.


Possible Questions:

1.How much will it cost to sign up as an online tutor ?

It costs nothing to apply,it all depends on what you have upstairs and how intelligent you are.

2.Must I have an experience of teaching?

No,its not necessary, what really matters is what you have to offer.

3.Will it take all my time as an online tutor?

No it won’t, it’s a part time job you can still mix it up with other things you would want to do.

If you still have more questions,hit the comment box 

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