Finding the right mobile phone is quite not easy. 

With the number of smartphones offered by manufacturers, therefore we do not know where to turn,

Unless you have a specific idea of ​​the phone that you want to buy.

Just imagine you went to a shopping mall to buy a phone ,and you have not decided what you really want.

I bet you, you must be confused and might end up in regrets.

In this article I will tell you some things you need to consider before buying a phone.

 Choosing the right Phone

The mobile phone has become a real Swiss army knife! Previously reserved for phone calls and SMS sending, you can now do many more things with your smartphone: surf the Internet, take photos and videos, use it as GPS, listen to music and many more uses through multiple downloadable applications.

How to choose the right phone to buy

Smartphones are therefore more and more multipurpose and meet a large number of our needs. However, in front of the multitude of smartphones, the choice turns out to be much more complex than one could imagine.

 So, to be able to choose the ideal mobile phone, you have to ask the right questions and find out what you really need. 

This little guide will allow you to see more clearly and know the most important criteria to take into account to choose a smartphone.

1.What use is the Phone /What are your reasons of purchasing a phone? 

The ideal mobile, yes it exists but like the tastes and colors, this is a question of needs.

 All people do not have the same uses of a mobile phone and therefore do not have the same needs. It is therefore necessary to define yours to find the smartphone that will match you 100%!

In the age of the smartphone, conventional phones seem overwhelmed.

 You can say goodbye to your good Nokia 3310 “LOL” and say hello to new technological jewels like the Apple iPhone.

 What you need to know is if you need a phone only to make calls and send SMS, or if you need a phone to surf the Internet to check your emails, websites or download apps for your mobile.

If for you, a phone only serves as a phone for you , then yes a classic mobile will be more than enough for you. But beware, you can always opt for a smartphone without using the features requiring an Internet connection. If for you, a phone is also there for you to surf the web , take photos and videos, play , interact with your friends via social networks, share all kinds of information with your loved ones or your co-workers … so do not ask yourself more questions: smartphones are for you !And if for you are buying a phone because you just like it, someone forced you or because someone uses the phone, I guess you are making the wrong decision

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Smartphones are therefore the most popular mobile consumers. A vast majority of you choose them for their multiple features.

 However, there are various operating systems like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. So let’s go to the next step to determine which of these systems to choose.

2.Which Operating system you go For 

Choosing the ideal smartphone goes through making a choice of an operating system. There are 4 main operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. 

The difference lies in the ergonomics, the user experience, the features or the number of applications available for download.


Android-logoThe Android operating system is the most widespread since it is equipped on 80% of smartphones at the moment.

The interface offered by Google is very fluid and easily customizable.

 Many services are integrated on all smartphones including this OS including,

The Google PlayStore which will allow you to access more than 1.5 million applications. For example, Samsung smartphones or HTC are offered with Android.

Apple iOS

ios-logoThe iOS is specific to Apple and is offered only on the iPhone unlike Android which is present at many manufacturers. 

The interface offered by Apple is very easy to use and very fluid that is why it is very popular with consumers. 

The iOS is particularly well adapted and optimized. Here too, more than 1.3 million applications are available on the AppStore.

Apple phones or precisely Apple Products can be very costly…

Windows Phone from Microsoft

windows_phone_logoThis name is probably more familiar to you since it is the same system that equips most computers. However, the Windows Phone operating system is much less common on mobiles even if it offers a very intuitive interface. 

The applications on the Windows Phone Store are much less numerous than on the two previous OS with about 300 000 applications.

BlackBerry Blackberry OS

blackberry-logo1The BlackBerry OS is BlackBerry-branded, as it is for iOS with iPhones. This OS is very different from others, including a much more basic interface on smartphones with keyboards focused on BBM messaging.

 A platform called BlackBerry App World is also available to download applications (only a hundred thousand).

Recently, BlackBerry phones are no longer rampant for cheap ones that can offer you all you need in a smart phone.

Unless you go for the costly will serve you better.

3.The phone Screen Size

Today, when you want to buy a new phone, we think about the size of the screen that we would like to have. The trend is rather large screens but it depends again on the use you want to make.

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 Some people prefer standard sized screens to be able to use their smartphone with one hand, and others are more for screens big enough for better visibility and for more intense use of all features.

Screens smaller than 4 inches

These screens are generally between 3 and 4 inches have long been popular with consumers through their convenience of use in one hand.

 Although the trend is for large screens, they are still a good size to view photos and videos and to use the various features and applications of the mobile.

This is an example below, iPhone 4s has 3.5 inch screen.

IPhone 4s Size

Screens between 4 and 5 inches

This screen size is the most widespread on the smartphone market with a dimension that is mostly around 4.5 inches. 

Consumers are choosing more and more this size to be able to take advantage even more of the technologies offered by these smartphones more and more high-end. 

In addition, the use remains quite intuitive and practical although some will have more trouble using it with one hand.

For example IPhone 6 is 4.7 inches screen 

Choosing the right phone

Screens larger than 5 inches

The screens of smartphones are growing more and more with screens that are located between the smartphone and the tablet that is called “Phablette”. 

These models of smartphones meet a great success like the latest Galaxy Note or the iPhone 6 Plus. 

Manufacturers are almost all in this new market and boast the benefits of these giant screens. 

These famous Phablettes allow you to take full advantage of the various features of your mobile phone: taking photos or videos, viewing and editing files, browsing the web or games available for download.

For example Samsung Galaxy A9 is above 5 inch screen 

Choosing the right phone to buy .

4.Consider the Processor of the Phone:

This determines if your phone will hang or not.“Frequent hanging of phone”

The processor is the most important element in a smartphone. The fluidity of navigation, the speed of execution, the use of the features … 

Generally, we compare the processors by their power which is calculated in GHz, which is equivalent to the speed. The more important it is, the more the navigation will be fluid.

Then, there are several types of processors because of the number of cores they contain. To explain this clearly, a processor has multiple cores to handle multiple tasks at the same time. 

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The more cores you have, the faster your phone will work and the energy consumption will be lower.

In addition, we must also take into account what is called the RAM,This is not the storage capacity but a memory that stores data temporarily so that you can use all the applications and features of your smartphone.

 A RAM memory is calculated in gigabytes and the more it will be consistent, the more you will be able to use multiple applications at the same time.

5.Choose a Smartphone with a good Camera

Today, our phone is not only used to make phone calls and has become multi-purpose. The camera is one of the decisive criteria in the choice of your mobile and manufacturers offer more and more powerful sensors to encourage you to choose their smartphone rather than another. 

Mobile photography is more and more used by consumers and you will understand, it is with megapixels that we can determine which are the best photo sensors of these smartphones.

It is therefore necessary to take into account the sensor on the back of your smartphone which is usually around 10 megapixels but the trend is rather upward with mobile phones that now offer sensors with more than 40 megapixels. 

In addition, many technologies and related applications must be closely watched when choosing your mobile.

I think apple iphone is the best so far in terms of camera, or what do you think? 

6.Battery Lasting Phones 

It is said that the sweetness of phone is when the battery lasts longer, especially when you always have power failure around you.

So I recommend you to go for a phones battery at the range of 3000 AMH to 5000 AMH

it will serve you better and you will always enjoy your smartphone.

I think Infinix products and Itel Products are best in producing battery lasting phones, or what do you think? 

7.Go for the original phones 

There are lots of companies and products out there, it’s left for you to go for the best and long lasting.

So that you wouldn’t fall a victim of your smartphone getting spoilt so soon.

Imagine buying a phone today and in few weeks time it start having issues.

It is very painful and frustrating, so it’s better you go for the best.

I recommend tecno and infinix for you, that is if you want to buy an android phone.I have Used their products.

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