Relationship atimes might be hard to keep a good one, but there are some things you need to know and practice, to make your relationship strong and cool.


1.Make your Partner a Priority

Some people don’t know the reason why they are into relationships, making your partner a priority gives him or her more confidence that you value and care for them.When you value your partner  , it makes you love each other more.

2.Think Positive

Like the saying goes optmism is a key factor to a greater end,for you to have entered into a relationship,there must have been an attraction or admiration of the opposite sex.Now you need to stay positive and not let a bad thought create a Lacuna in your relationship ,always look at things at the brighter side.

3.Respect each other while Arguing

Respect is an important factor to having a great   relationship,when there is no respect, things fall apart and there will be no one to caution each other. It’s best to Respect each other while arguing, it won’t bring about a break up or divorce, Respect keeps relationship strong.

4. Be Supportive

Being supportive in a relationship  brings about  joy, love, and hope, it becomes  obvious you care more about  your spouse when you are supportive.Support here isn’t totaled at finance,it could be moral attention kind of support. Not being able to be  supportive might make your partner loose interest in you.

5.Share Your Thoughts Together

Some people don’t have closeness in their relationship which is very bad, how can you be in a relationship and there is no closeness.Sharing Your thoughts with your partner will help he or she to know your whereabouts,it brings closeness in a relatoomship.

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6.Trust Your Partner

Trust is one major thing that have  killed some relationships, Trusting Your Partner is the best thing you can offer In a relationship, Where there is no trust, there will be constant Quarrels,and from quarreling there might be misunderstanding which will lead to breaking up with your partner.

7.Show Affection Daily 

Holding hands, a hug, a squeeze on the arm ,and being romantic can always create connection and trust in a relationship.It helps to keep a good and lasting  relationship.


One thing you need to know is that keeping a relationship is sometimes not easy, because you will have to face some challenges,but following these  tips can help keep a good and lasting relationship.

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